Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Laquita Shares Her Story

As a young adult emerging from foster care, I’ve had a lot of people coming in and out of my life -- but not when it comes to my church family.

My pastor and a variety of sisters and brothers in God continue to support and guide me throughout the troubles I face. They have always been there for me, one way or another!  My church has always been behind me caring, teaching and even scolding me when I need it!

But, above all, they have shown me the kind of love that I had not seen in years. 

When I was a lost in the system, with no place to go, a member of my church went out looking for a foster home for me. Even though I didn't wind up in the foster home they found, this was the nicest thing that anyone had ever done for me!  It showed me just how much my church really cared.

My church family continues to encourage me to pursue my dreams for the future!  Their support has shaped me into a better young adult, and helped me to survive my teenage years in the care of the county.

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